The Urge to Purge: What You Need to Know to Declutter your Space

The Urge to Purge: What You Need to Know to Declutter your Space

Recently, Houzz released their 2018 U.S Houzz Kitchen Trends Study which outlined the biggest trends for kitchens right now. Sure enough, decluttering was one of the big trends included within the article, as consumers looked to keep their spaces clean and tidy. 

As noted by Houzz, homeowners are “obsessing over decluttering surfaces [and] putting things away.” So, as the fixation of decluttering stays top of mind for many, we’re taking a look into how you can declutter your kitchen, with the help of appliances, as well as general tips and tricks you can utilize:

Keep Your Tasks Small

One of the challenges of decluttering is the time and energy that it generally takes to tidy up your space. Similar to any large project, cleaning a full kitchen in one day can be daunting and unrealistic. Instead, if you break your clean-up project into smaller tasks, the project will be done quicker and more effectively. For example, look at your kitchen in portions. Start off with cupboards, then move towards the drawers, and then work towards cleaning out each appliance. Once you're able to take away the overwhelming idea of decluttering your entire kitchen, you are able to productively work through the sections.

Multi-Purpose Appliances and Cookware

Many appliances and cookware of today have been developed with decluttering in mind. In fact, there are several pots and pans that allow you to grill and fry all at once so that you can decrease your clean-up time. For example, the Master Pan provides five compartmental spaces; includes one with an area for grilling, so you’re able to use one pan to cook your entire meal. If you’re in the market for new appliances, one of our decluttering recommendations is to look for appliances that have dual purposes. These combinations clear up some very needed room in your kitchen. If you have a steam oven, the steam function works as if it is cleaning your oven with a mini pressurizer. The only work left for you is to wipe away any dirt with a dry cloth.

Clearing Space on Your Countertops

The top kitchen obsession when it comes to decluttering is with regards to countertops. To decrease clutter on your countertops, we recommend utilizing space on your wall instead. Simply by adding hooks and shelves onto walls, you’ll have quick access to spices and utensils, without adding more clutter to countertops. Another means of doing this is by adding magnetic strips within your kitchen to attach spices and magnetic cutlery/utensils. Using shelves and hooks still allows you to have everyday kitchen items close at hand, but gives you a cleaner and more open space by clearing space on countertops.

Flush-Install and Counter-Depth Appliances

Flush-install appliances are those that align with cabinets and countertops Counter-depth installation appliances result in the door sticking out a bit from the wall. Essentially, built-in appliances cab be Flush-install, while refrigerators can be Counter-depth. Flush-installs dive into a depth of at least 25” for kitchen cabinets so that appliances align perfectly with the edge of cabinets. Utilizing this type of installation provides a clean, contemporary design, as everything aligns flawlessly together. As flush-install creates the cleanest incorporation for walls, we suggest taking a look at built-in appliances first. There are several manufacturers that carry built-in appliances. 

Incorporating Minimalism into Your Life

Another way to decrease clutter in your home is by incorporating minimalism into your lifestyle to create clean, open spaces. Minimalism encourages living with less than 100 things, but for most people, this is unrealistic. The biggest takeaway from minimalism is to be actively conscious when you’re purchasing consumer goods. Do you really need the knick-knacks around your kitchen or that Slap Chop that you saw on the Shopping Network? Probably not. A good rule to use when purchasing accessories for your kitchen is to purchase it if you love it. If you are on the fence or just like the item, don’t buy it.

Any of these methods will help towards decluttering your kitchen, and most importantly, keep it decluttered longer! If you choose to take the route of utilizing appliances to declutter your kitchen, please consult an Edmonds expert to help you find appliances that work for you and your home. If you’re looking for more details on the appliance benefits we mentioned above, feel free to contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help you.