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How To Refresh Your Kitchen in Time for the Holidays

As the air cools and the leaves begin to turn, many of us start thinking about hosting family and friends in the comfort of our homes, whether it’s for a feast around a dining room table or a casual wine and cheese party around a marble kitchen island. But if your kitchen isn’t a space you’re proud of, it may be time for an update.

Here, our General Manager Julie Hale shares some tips for ensuring your reno is ready to ‘Wow’ in time for your fall and winter holiday feasts.

  1. Take The ‘Appliances First’ Approach. Ideally, appliances are the number one thing you select when going about a kitchen renovation, Julie explains. This is imperative since your millwork and the layout of your kitchen needs to be designed around those products. (Just imagine installing cabinetry and backsplash only to have to tear it out because the appliances don’t fit). “If you were coming in (to our store) we would go over: How are you cooking? What do you like to cook? Who else is using this? What is the space that you have now?” she says.

And there is an appliance to suit the needs of every host. For instance, while someone who prioritizes healthy eating may want a built-in steam convection oven where they can conveniently steam vegetables, potatoes and fish all in one go, another person may opt for a dishwasher that offers a ‘China Crystal Cycle’ which would be appropriate for delicate rum and coke, scotch, wine, beer and Champagne glasses.

  1. Shop Sooner Rather Than Later. When it comes to renovations, the adage “the more time the better” stands true (hey, unexpected challenges happen!). But that’s not the only reason to get an early start on your kitchen updates. “Throughout the year there are always promos going on, but the fall is when you can get the best value if you figure out what you want and move forward with the new purchase now,” explains Julie. That said, staff at Edmonds Appliances are available to help customers find projects that fit within their budget any time of year, and the store will hold appliances purchased in one season (say, the fall) until later in the year (say, the spring) if the renovations go beyond the estimated timeline.
  1. Know Your Budget Before You Step Foot in a Store. If you’re looking for a basic freestanding appliance package (a range, a fridge, a dishwasher and a hood fan) you can purchase those items for under $8,000, and with the promotions that happen in the fall you can take advantage of additional savings, says Julie. Next are the mid-range appliances, which go for $15,000 to $25,000, and finally there’s the $25,000-plus range, which encompasses lifestyle add-ons such as a built-in coffee system or a built-in steam oven. No matter your budget, Edmonds Appliances staff can help you get something within your budget.
  1. Build Your Team. If you want to get your renovation done by December 25, reach out to your designer and contractor now as everyone is on the race to finish before the holidays, says Julie. Once you know which appliances you want to purchase, an Edmonds Appliances representative will reach out weeks in advance to schedule the professional installers they deem best suited for the project. “Contractors, or your dad or brother, don’t (necessarily) know all of the nuances of an appliance. But when you have a professional install it, they know what that screw is for or what that bracket is for so that (the product) is going to function—and look—the way it’s supposed to,” Julie explains.

Whichever appliances you choose, and however tight your holiday renovation timeline, Edmonds Appliances’ customer service representatives are there to assist with your renovation needs.